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The tone of quality is realizable and sonic. Following the fusion of quality in our supplying process, we never compromise with the standards of quality. Having full control over the supply series, we own a laborious team of well competent personnel, who are answerable for delivering absolute quality in all functional areas of the company. The quality approach serves to be our firsthand corporate philosophy, and enables us to incessantly strive to supply high quality edibles. To attain the standards of quality, whether inward or outbound, we are dependent to thorough and constant monitoring of the Indian Basmati Rice and other agro products.
As we know that food safety is a global interest, we allow ourselves to identify the procurement practices. With the investigation of vendor's document, we maintain our quality policy and provide the products, which are nutritious and safe. Reviewing the food hazards that can occur at the hours of food production process, we examine the grains, fruits and pickles on their intrinsic factors:

  • Color, translucency
  • Composition, vitreousness, chalkiness
  • Bulk density
  • Odor, aroma
  • Size, shape, uniformity
  • Low break-ability
  • Advanced milling quality
  • Absence of insects and molds
  • Appearance, freshness, ripeness
  • Flavor

The team also insures the quality of our agro products on the basis of their extrinsic factors, which are:

  • Broken Grain
  • Immature Grain
  • Foreign Matter
  • Infected Grain
  • Moisture Content.

We assure the adequate amount of carbohydrates (energy), phytic acid, lipids, protein, mineral, fiber, and tannins in our optimal grade food products like Indian basmati rice, pulses etc.

Products Portfolio

Our organization is supplying and exporting below mentioned products:
  • Rice
    • Indian Rice and Indian Basmati Rice

  • Pulses
  • Mango Pulp
  • Pickles
  • Yellow Maize
  • White Maize
Spacious Warehouse

In order to have absolutely safe and arranged storage of warehouse, we have built a capacious warehouse. It has varied sections, where all the products like Indian Basmati Rice are stored as per the respective categories till the end time of dispatch. We ensure to maintain our premise clean, moisture free and away from the attack of rotten to protect the hygienic & quality of our products. Further, our storekeepers are responsible for looking after all the tasks of our warehouse.

Company’s' Values and Mission

In the ever-changing existence of agriculture, we posses constant core values. Our beliefs underlie our employment, how we act with each other and which schemes we employ to accomplish our mission. The core values we have are the recitations we use all day, in everything we do. We can point out our core values as:

  • People
  • Customer Success
  • Functional Excellence
  • Stewardship and citizenship
  • Innovation
  • Ethics and honesty
  • Company mission

Being a dynamic company, we are continually striving for a top position in the marketplace, our missions are:

  • To be the first choice of agriculture distribution organization.
  • Provide agronomic resolutions to clients in all leading agricultural locations.
  • To amend the lifestyle and economical scalability of farmers.
  • Retreating food security and modification of the sphere through progressive, comprehensive and sustainable policies.
  • Raise the production, employment and economic ontogeny.
  • Sanctioning environment for food safety and sector alteration.

Sales & Support

Our marketing unit is extremely qualified and versed in the domain of agriculture. They are well disciplined and have good cognition of agro products such as Indian Basmati Rice and others. The team is also well aware of the packaging patterns of these edible agro products. Our company organizes time to time training of the field, the in-house preparation we make for updating the product knowledge enable us to compete in the industry. Our devoted team works with heard work and consistency and aim to total customer satisfaction. We have a fully-fledged transport service for punctual & efficient delivery of the products on their specific location.